Christine Harrison

Having intitally trained in graphic design, Christine's focus is largely on painting and drawing inspired by nature and the world around her. Visual connection is a key response to Christine's life and her inspiration goes back to early childhood.


She states; Art represents a simple yet profound compulsion in human life - to express. I enjoy versatility in this and honing my response to the initial inspiration often dictates the choice of medium. I often work with unusual viewpoints, overlooked details and the human trace or history behind the subject - it interests me that i can be having a new response to something that pre-dates me and will still be there long after I am gone.


Her work includes still life, figurative, landscape and abstract pieces. More recently she has taken up mosaic art and enjoys making contemporary and traditional mosaics. Christine is a fellow of the Digswell Arts Trust and works from her studio in the Fenners Building - Letchworth.