Future Exhibitions


This Mother and daughter duo return to display in the gallery together this November.


In 2017 their joint exhibition 'Collaboration in Mindfulness' was a roaring success. The paintings they created explored the possibilities of both artists working upon the same canvas. They produced a colour fuelled travel journal of mixed media paintings based on their time in Australia.



Explorations In Colour

Emmeline Webb & Maisie Webb

From 8th November 2019

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Although both artists continue to focus on colour exploration, this time they have produced separate pieces, based on their own inspirations. Maisie focuses on the landscape, while Emmeline has returned to collage to convey her love for the natural world and places of personal interest.


Starts Friday  8th November - an exhibition not to be  missed.

Emmeline Webb 2019 - Work in Progress

Emmeline Webb 2019

Maisie Webb, 2019.