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Artwork by Anna Perlin ©2017

Emmeline Webb

Seven Year Itch

19th October - 17th November


The Art Nest opened it’s doors for the first time seven years ago on 11th October, 2011. Although at the time, many doubted it’s longevity; saying ‘it wouldn’t last long’, and ‘after all, who wants an art gallery in a recession?’


Happily it turns out, the gallery was well received, and after seven years of welcoming many customers, it continues to grow and thrive. Sharing her passion with the people of Hitchin, is founder of The Art Nest, Emmeline Webb. After graduating from Cambridge School of Art in 2008; she worked from her garden studio until 2010, when she began her plan to bring art to the people of her home town - The Art Nest was born, and the rest is history.


Emmeline’s own artwork covers a variety of mediums and styles - from painting, to printmaking, textile design and ceramics. She is also an award winning greetings card designer, and creates several ranges of home furnishings featuring her designs. Her training as an illustrator saw her working on many projects with various styles and methods. Now ten years after graduating, she prefers to think of herself as a multi media artist rather than a mixed media illustrator.


Although she has many different outlets for her creativity, the main theme that continues to link these various mediums and topics is usually colour. This is particularly evident in this exhibition - ‘Seven Year Itch’ - a retrospective look back over the past seven years of growth and change, with colour staying consistent.

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